Thursday, August 1, 2013

Easy fixes

I had forgotten I had these pictures saved, I think because I did this project so soon after moving and I figured I must have posted it already.
Anyway, my bedroom used to be the living room. Or the dining room, I'm not sure. Old apartments, full of "character" and such. There are a set of french doors that open onto the living room and another door to the hallway. There used to be one of those two way restaraunt swinging doors leading to what is now my closet (you can see the hardware on the floor and door frame still) and so I'm guessing that was some sort of pantry or butler space? Who knows. Old house mysteries. But I digress. What I'm talking about today is the glass doors from the hall and living room.
When I moved in they ad ancient off white blinds on them.

The blinds looked horrible (I always think blinds look horrible) made a lot of noise and seemed impossible to get clean short of soaking. I wanted to take them off but them a huge portion of my bedroom wall would be a big window to the living room. However, plastic blinds aren't really my idea of snazzy decor. Conundrum. Luckily my papa had a super smart idea involving decorative paper, and double stick tape.

I got a basic white rice paper at the art supply store. It's handmade so there's still a lot of variations in fiber density that makes it feel very soft, but it's pretty opaque as well. I measured the glass in the doors and cut out the paper. Then I applied double stick tape to the back of each pre-cut paper piece and stuck the to the glass. Sounds simple right?

And it was.
The whole thing took less than an hour, and while it's not without flaw (being that it's an old house, some of the panes of glass are inexplicably larger than the others causing the pre cut paper to fall a smidge short) but I feel it's nothing one would see without looking for flaws so I'm ok with it. And it certainly serves it's purpose. No more clattering blinds and no more peep show through the living room. Also it cost me about $12 total so that was pretty nice as well!

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