Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August Cure: Cleaning, paint strips and choosing a 'decor pairing'

So it turns out picking gray paint may be even more difficult that picking white?! Who knew.
Thus there is a variety of swatches on my wall right now and I've been looking at them for a bit.

I decided to go with my usual (seems to have worked just fine in the past) method and go swiftly with my gut, so I chose a color this weekend and was able to score the paint for FREE thanks to a promotion at my local hardware store (where they know me now cause I'm there like five times a week. Sigh) So paint (and some supplies for said painting) have been purchased and are ready and waiting for the painting this weekend.

As to the rest of the project, this decor pairing or project/purchase business, well that's going to be a lot of work. Partly because it's not just one thing. As stated at the beginning of this project, to start, this room only had a couch as far as furniture (with plans to move in an existing dining table and trunk) and some odd things to work around (like the huge mirror). So realistically this is less of a style cure and more of a whole room overhaul. But I digress.
As this grainy quick iPhone photo shows, the room is a bit more furnished now (thanks to some appropriating from other places and yes I did buy those theater seats at the flea market) but there's still a lot of work. As far as a 'decor pairing' with the soon to be gray paint, I suppose I could simplify it as orange accents. I will be making some hanging light fixtures with pieces acquired at the flea market, painting the dining chairs, making curtains and various throw pillows, and trying to fill in wherever else I can. Honestly at the end of the month I'm not sure the room will be 100% finished, as I don't want to rush and purchase certain furniture just cause of this cure, but I am actively searching so who knows, miracles have happened!
More soon, hopefully involving an awesome post-painting photo!

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