Thursday, August 8, 2013

August cure: outbox and floor plan

I'm a tad behind on the steps for the August Cure but I am trying to catch up.
First, I do have an outbox! Actually it's a pile of stuff on a desk that's supposed to be picked up, but it's a start. There's almost nothing in this room so there isn't really much to eliminate, however I've found this to be a good opportunity to gather some of the bits from other parts of the house that I've thought could be ejected from the apartment.
Second, I made a floor plan. It isn't completely accurate (I made it on the bus with sharpies-and got a lot of weird looks) but it dos give me a better idea of the space I am working with. Currently there is a three-seater couch with an ottoman, a rug, and a corner shelf. I would like to move the dining table into the living room, since there is space and that will free up some square footage in the kitchen for adding counter space and storage (more on that some other time) and I would like to move the bar area out to the living room as well. I currently have a tiny bar cart that I will keep using if I can't find the right replacement but it would be very nice to have something a bit larger that would make my glasses less cramped, and allow for some work space on the top.
I actually moved the couch onto the far wall, and the rug with it so I am seeing how that feels for now. I think the addition of some armchairs or a love seat would pull this all together as a seating area. I have a large trunk I can move out here to serve as a coffee table of sorts. Lastly I am looking for a dresser, bookshelf or possibly a small console of sorts for the corner opposite the existing shelves, something to balance it out.
As you can see, this plan leaves me with a lot of furniture to find, purchase, conjole friends/relatives into giving me, and otherwise augment to work with the space. But I knew this going into the project, it's a huge empty space right now and I think I can turn it into something usable and good looking, given an injection of some good luck, good thrifting, and a whole lot of elbow grease.
Next step, picking a paint color!!

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