Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to safely indulge my sweet tooth

I am not a baby person, with one exception. My baby-cousin (that's the baby of my cousin, but I like to be confusing so whatever) is ridiculously adorable. I'm not sure why I find her so inarguably cute but I do. So I'm just going with it. And this is a good thing because I've been saving up ideas for cute kid projects forever with no kids to make them for so this is a win!
I've been seeing lots of images of play kitchens and play food and knowing how much I loved food and cooking as a little one I thought it would be fun to make the kiddo some play food. So I of course chose a lovely healthy option.

I know it's not really promoting health eating or veggies but they are so cute! Sprinkles and frosting colors!!
I used polar fleece and embroidery floss for the sprinkles. It was a very soothing project to do and satisfying to see the treats pile up in front of me.

Then I had to make a bakery box because I want to make sure that there is a convenient place for the doughnuts to be stored. And of course because it's cute. Bakery boxes of course are pink. I used felt for the box and vinyl for the window in the lid. It closes with Velcro and I added the name with puff paint (don't turn up your nose at the summer camp t-shirt decorating material. It's amazing stuff!)

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