Wednesday, October 29, 2014

more of the same

I wish I had something more exciting to show for all my time here, but unfortunately it's just been work work work around here. I did manage to have some good treats while I've been nose-to-the-grindstone-ing it here though, like this carrot tangerine juice and the amazing peanut butter, banana chocolate chip crepes I whipped up the other night when I was feeling my energy crash but needed to get some more work done. Good stuff all. Also my newly recovered 'marble' desk top makes for an excellent backdrop for food shots!

Monday, October 27, 2014

I am seeing a pattern here...

... no pun intended. My weekends though do seem to be taking on a familiar tone. Lots of working, lots of tea. I'm enjoying the productivity. Late last week I had to essentially scrap a big chunk of work I had been working on since September when I was forced to admit that it just wasn't going to work like I thought it would, and start again from scratch. With a week until deadline. So that made things interesting. Luckily I think I will be able to turn that work into something else, and I am really liking the new and different direction this project seems to be going. So it is looking as if this unexpected reworking might turn out to be a good thing? I'm crossing my fingers.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

the library

I completely forgot, in the flurry of projects for the holidays and end of year and all, that I had totally not photographed my hallway with it's new changes so I seek to remedy that now. Last month when I moved around the living room I was left with some displaced furniture, namely the big corner bookshelf, and of course all of the books. So I decided to turn the hallway into a room of sorts (it's certainly big enough) and now I call it the library. Of course this is mostly all decorative, and while I always sit in the theater chairs to put on my shoes I'm more likely to take a book to the window seat to flip though it, but still, I like this version of the space. It certainly helps it feel less empty.

I added the quiver and arrows to the wall on the other side of the niche. My uncle made the quiver and I used to shoot at hay bales in the back yard when I was younger, though I never quite got the hang of it. Still it is pretty cool looking and I like seeing it every day when I come home. 

And that's my little update. Really not even worth a post of it's own as it was just a furniture relocation and hanging some stuff up on the wall, but it gives me that nice little new space feeling for the fantastic cost of nothing, so it's my favorite kind of update!

Monday, October 20, 2014

working hard or....

I spent the weekend working with vinyl. Some call it faux leather or vegan leather which I guess is great marketing and what not but I have no beef with vinyl and for the most part, the more plastic-y variety worked better for my purposes. I spent two days cutting and sewing until my hands had a strange scissor wielding blister, some bruises and a bunch of odd nicks and cuts, but I also have a big pile of finished items and a list with lots of check marks on it. This is just a few snaps I took of work in progress mostly because the colors were so satisfying to look at as I worked, as well as a little row of mountain pillows I made after people kept asking where I got the one on my couch.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

three day weekends are my favorite

This weekend I had an extra day, thanks to Columbus day. So I decided to celebrate in proper fashion by making a plan to go somewhere, getting lost, and then acting as if that was where I had intended to be all along. Also I got a bunch of work done but more on that later.