Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August cure: the Lighting

Remember the wire lampshade frames I spray painted orange? Well, I finally brought all the pieces together, did the wiring and hung them up in the living room.

I used a decorative gold tone lamp cord since it was going to be showing, and I am (unfortunately) still unable to decide which light bulb I prefer. When they are off I like the clear bulb much better but the light from it is actually a bit too sharp. The frosted white bulb is a bit more mundane looking when unlit but then it produces the superior warm glow. I am living with them both to see how I feel but I will probably go with the better light. After all, that's the purpose of lamps, to make it so I never have to turn on the ugly overheads!

You can actually see a lot of the room in the photo thanks to the mirror, and I've also got my artwork hung as well but I will get to that tomorrow. Along with the finished mirror frame.

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