Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bathroom before & after

When I am stressed or upset nothing makes me feel better than getting something done. A project, an assignment, something I've been meaning to tackle but haven't gotten around to. The best is when I have something I can do start to finish. I had a difficult day at work last week and found myself, while buying shampoo at target, thinking about my bathroom. And how it was dark and weird and I should really buy a new shower curtain. Then I thought, I should redo the whole thing, small room, this could happen tonight!

So I bought a new white shower curtain and an amazing (soft and luxurious) bathmat and made it happen.
Being that this space is tiny and odd it's not the easiest to photograph but I'll do my best. Mostly I just wanted to make it brighter (it was super dark in the shower before) and add a little bit of interest.
Switching out all the burgundy (why would anyone choose this?!) for white helped. I also made my own wall decals using electrical tape (funny but it works real well) and hung some art. I went with the colors from the only decorative piece my roommate had which had black and gold. 

The process of making/installing the decals looked something like this:
I also thought it would be fun to display my collection of animal bones in here. 
After all they fit with all the black and gold. And they are so nifty!
I also cleaned out and utilized the tiny open shelf above the mirror in the medicine cabinet. Neither me nor my roommate need this pace for storage and it's nice to keep everything out of sight, so I backed the little cubby in black paper and used it as a display for all of the black and white animals in my animal collection (yes another collection, what can I say, it just happens!)

Who knows if this is a permanent solution, I will most likely change my mind at some point and want to paint or wallpaper or whatever else, but for now, it's a significant improvement. And it's a lot easier to find my shampoo now that it's not dark and cave like in there.

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