Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to the drawing board, and pillows too

Things are still moving along here (if slowly) I've been working on a few things.
Being stuck in the house gave me some time to do some drawing and painting just for fun. I had a huge white piece of paper and the thought that it would be nice to make something yellow and food related for the kitchen.
Not quite finished but here's a sneak peek. Was wonderful to get some ink on under my fingernails!

I also finally broke the sewing machine for some living room August Cure making time. I picked up new pillow forms and raided my stash and made a few pillows. The room is still bare and sad as seen from this picture but I've got a super bright stool and some colorful pillows now lined up waiting for the fresh paint to go up so I can move the furniture back in!
Also in August Cure news, there was some debate about recovering the dining chairs. it must be done but I was trying to decide between the solid darker orange or the coral print. I ended up going with the solid because the flowers were just seeming a bit too girly. I should have a shot of the finished reupholstered chairs soon. It's a huge improvement. 
You can also see a glimpse of the lampshades in the back there. Those are also going together. There's still things to get picked up, and assembled and it's a long list but I think it is moving along and I am very looking forward to the end result!

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