Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Cure before picture

When I moved into my apartment two months ago my roommate was in the process of moving the personal fitness business he was running from his apartment to a new retail space a block away. Therefore the future living room was full with an elliptical, treadmill and weight set among other strange pieces. 

Now everything is gone with the exception of one lone weight bench and an old desk (that are going to be picked up hopefully any day now and taken away) and my roommate has moved the couch and rug he previously had stored in his bedroom into the empty space. This is what I have to work with. There is a huge bay window with an window seat on the far wall and the room is bright and big with wood floors. Those are in the plus column. In the minus, all of the paint needs to be redone (there are three different trim colors currently) there's no furniture save the aforementioned couch and rug, and there are three large doorways and the window seat breaking up the wall space. There is also an enormous mirror filling the molding on the wall with the door to the kitchen that my roommate has requested I keep as it has sentimental value to him. These are the challenges I have to work with. Along with, you know, a very limited budget. Hopefully I can make this space into something pretty awesome. Fingers crossed.

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