Friday, August 2, 2013

August Cure:Quiz, style inspiration and window shopping (virtually)

I've decided to join in with Apartment Therapy's August Cure. The last one in the winter was more of an organizing, cleaning challenge, whereas the idea behind this is to take a room that is lacking in style and make it over. I immediately knew I would want to tackle my living room.
I took the design quiz on the first day of the cure and discovered (unsurprisingly) that I like color, pattern, and gravitate towards homey, layered spaces with some level of quirky grandma to them.
Next I got to pinning (see my August Cure Pinterest board here) and I am clearly craving gray walls and a bunch of color. A lot of the rooms had orange/red/persimmon-y pops. I also love lamps (I loath overhead "boob lights" ) and strange furniture (I have a think for glider love seats, maybe I can find one?) and black and white rugs. The paint I can definitely do, I will see about the rest as I go.
These are some of the spaces I was drawn to the most.
Grey walls, cozy reading room. High color furniture.
Elsie's Bar Cart (via A Beautiful Mess)

I've also been wanting to find some of these open wire lampshades like this one on etsy for a while and paint them bright colors. Maybe this is something I can do in this space finally?
VINTAGE cafe style wire LAMP shade FRAME
 Next I will have some before pictures of the space....

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