Monday, February 23, 2015

light things

I tend to space out from time to time. Sometimes I will find myself staring at something and realize that I have been staring that way for quite a while. Sometimes I come up with cool/weird/odd ideas during such bouts of staring. The other day while I was eating dinner I realized I was staring at the light. It wasn't on, I wasn't staring at a bright bulb like a moth, rather, I was staring at the actual fixture, this vintage 'cage' light of sorts that I had spray painted and turned into a hanging fixture. And I was thinking of how maybe I could hang things on it, change the fixture around, use it as a base of sorts for various decorative things. 
So I rooted around in my party box and my sewing trims (and even foraged for greenery on my block again) and came up with some options.
The first try was very simple, just the little felt garland that I had left over from my paper Christmas tree. It was delicate but kind of pretty.

Next I tried out some yarn pom poms that had left over from who knows what. I threaded some mint ribbon through them and tied them to the fixture with bows. I feel like this looks fairly 'baby' but that just means it could look super cute for a shower, or younger kids birthday.

Then I broke out the crepe paper streamers. First I just draped cut lengths through the frame of the light which felt very 'fiesta' though perhaps that's just the colors that I picked? I really liked the saturated pink and green with the pastels. This version was very pretty with the addition of a bit of breeze from the open window.

Then while I had the streamers out I tried doing an alternating color waving through the frame. Not sure that I like how it turned out quite as much, though it did transform the light very well. And of course the pink combo is pretty darn girly. I think this could be really interesting with different colors of ribbon.

Then it was time for the greenery. This might be my favorite thing right now. It was a bit of a mess to do as the leaves liked to fall of in places and I may have whacked myself in the face with a branch once but it turned out beautiful (not to toot my own horn) and organic, and it softens the light from the exposed bulb so well while also casting really pretty shadows on the ceiling. I think I might have to leave this one up for a bit (unintended pun, whoops!

After the glorious leafy light I switched gears and tried some mini pompom trim from my notions box. I tried to be very regular about the draping and while it didn't block the bulb at all I thought that it was an interesting look.

And finally, it was time for some gold and fringe and super festivity (is that a word?) I took apart an old tassel garland I had and used the gold and gray tassels from that, as well as some shinier gold tinsel tassels (also left over from an old project). I tried hanging the tassels both at varying lengths, or more equal and frankly couldn't decide which I liked best so I figured I'd just include both.

And that's my little adventure in hanging things on my living room light because I just can't leave well enough alone. So what else do you think I could drape on this thing? lights? flowers?

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