Wednesday, February 25, 2015

capsule wardrobe

I've decided to try out this whole capsule wardrobe thing I've been hearing about, starting next month. Essentially a capsule wardrobe is a limited amount of clothing, planned out and worn for a season. I like the simplicity of the idea, and frankly I've been wearing the same few things for months anyway so it seems as good a time as any to try it. So I went through my closet and pulled out all of the things I've been wearing regularly and photographed them and then I laughed.

It appears that without curating much at all it was already so matchy and organized. Turns out I wear a lot of red, blue and black. Also stripes and button ups.
Since I have never done this specific version of a limited closet before this is only a tentative plan. Most of what I've read suggests a number between 30 and 40 (including shoes and outerwear) and as it's San Francisco I feel I need to cover a lot of variables as far as season, so I am starting with 30 pieces here. The dresses and skirts I added in hopes of more warmer weather, but I intend to remove things in a few weeks if I find I haven't worn them, and I can always add a few as well, I'm thinking of allowing myself a surplus of 5 more items. Anyway, not really crafty or decorate-y but I like organizing things and I like pretty little color stories and this turned out to be so amusing, maybe I'll check back on how it's progressing after a few weeks.

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