Thursday, February 19, 2015

February cocktail & favors

So, what kind of cocktail would one serve at a lonely hearts club party? I thought about it as I was setting up the table, and I decided on something with champagne. I started by muddling some strawberries and fresh ginger at the bottom of a glass. Then I added the bubbly, as well as some homemade ginger syrup. Simple and tasty, and I liked how red and messy it looked, almost gruesome. For decoration I just cut out a black heart and skewered it. This could of course be served in a champagne glass, either a flute or a coupe but I liked the more generous portion that a rocks glass lends itself to.

Then for favors, I just packaged up the syrup I made for the cocktail. I got these jars at the dollar store, and added the little labels and hearts. As for the ginger syrup, it's just simple syrup, plus a bunch of peeled and chopped ginger. I let it cook for a while to get as much flavor as possible (this batch was very spicy) and then I strained the ginger out before putting it in the jars. It could be nice also to include the cocktail recipe so guests could recreate it at home.

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