Monday, February 9, 2015

buried treasures

I haven't done any creative work in the past few days because I undertook a pretty massive closet clean out that turned into a studio clean out that turned into a apartment clean out and then of course a subsequent cleaning of said cleaned out spaces. So I was knee deep in detritus and unable to make anything pretty. Sort of unfortunate, but also supremely satisfying. In doing this life clean out, I rediscovered a bunch of interesting things. Including this mixed metal belt buckle that I made back in college when I was able to squeeze in a jewelry elective my senior year. It's amusing to see that I had a similar style (I still do the same exact house silhouettes) I'm just sad this was hiding in a drawer for so long. So, for now I figure my dress form Peggy can rock some cute accessories, but soon I'm going to have to figure out somewhere to actually wear this.

Also, as proof that I really was clearing things out, the below picture is what my hallway looked like yesterday. Not pictured are the bags that went to trash and recycling and thrift store which I had already taken. These are all just clothes going to various yard sale and or resale locations. So here's to starting a new year (ish) with a bit less stuff.

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