Tuesday, February 4, 2014

going for the gold

So I changed up my typewriter. Again. I was going up to the roof to spray paint a side table was looking through my apartment thinking about what else I cold make over since I was already setting everything up with tarps such when I caught sight of my typewriter case. About a year ago I painted my old Smith Corona hot pink (here) and while I loved the bright color it didn't go with any of the spaces in my current apartment so it was languishing in a box instead of being out on display.

So I decided to try spray painting it this time (which involved about an hour of methodical taping off of every mechanical component, all of the individual keys etc) and since I have a whole cupboard full of paint from previous projects I figured I would use something that I already had. Which meant that I turned this:

into this shiny gold beauty!
I decided to keep the Smith-Corona logo in gold this time, and I find I actually like the keys, which are an odd green/gray tone, a lot more with the metallic body of the typewriter. It is ridiculously silly/glam looking just sitting on my console table and I can't wait until the next time I need to type something up. All and all this was a fantastic zero dollar fix.

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