Saturday, February 15, 2014


I know Valentines day is over now, and the stores have all clearly moved on to the next holiday (Saint Patrick's Day or for some it's even Easter) but I just wanted to share these Valentines real quick. I wasn't feeling good a few weeks ago and so I spent a day in bed watching movies. However it's not easy, actually it's pretty much impossible for me to just sit and watch tv, so I dug around in my filing cabinet and gathered a stack of red and pink papers, and started cutting hearts out of them. After I had a giant pile I sewed the hearts together into little garlands and then wrapped them around some leftover watercolor paper remnants that I had saved from a past project. I used some decorative scissors on the edges of the cards and added a bit of watercolor wash and then added the 'XO' on the front with rubber stamps. The envelopes were leftovers from wedding invitations last spring and I thought that the pink looked pretty against the gold liner paper. I gave some out to friends as I saw them but most of them (I think there were about fifty when I was done) were sent out into the world because everyone likes receiving pretty things in the mail. A special thanks should be said to the lovely gentleman at the post office who understood the need for pretty stamps to go with the water-colored envelopes and pulled out all the options he had. He (rightly) suggested that the vintage seed packet stamps would love best. Here's hoping each envelope made it safely to it's person!

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