Thursday, February 13, 2014

feel-better confetti

Yesterday was an odd, possibly not so good day. So when I got home and wasn't feeling motivated to work on my current projects I sat down and started making confetti. Honestly it was first that I wanted to try out the heart paper punch I picked up at the dollar store, and then I like the way that the colors of a few paper scraps on my desk looked together.
Next thing I know I had a mad scientist spread of mixing bowls on my desk and I was making confetti.
It was a mix of cut shapes and hearts, and I used up a bunch of paper I had left over from various projects (including a bridal shower that was two years ago!!!!) and ended up with a fantastic mix of red, pink, orange, violet, white and gold. Of course then I thought about what to do with the confetti, because much as I like the look of it in a giant pile on my desk, I felt like it would be better if it were shared and enjoyed out in the world.
So this happened:

What is this you may ask? I sewed up a bunch of paper packets which I then filled with confetti, taped closed (yay for my washi tape hoarding because it finally got to be used here) and then decided they needed a little perforation and instructions so I sewed across each with my machine unthreaded, and added the little *tear here* instruction to the back.

Finally something more exciting to add to the candy dish at work, there is also a giant jar of them at home and I've got a bunch in my purse as well. I figure everyone needs a little cheering up sometimes and I know it worked for me because when the pile of finished packets was sitting on my desk I had actually forgotten that I had been having a no-good day, so I'm going to enjoy passing the fun on to anyone else who needs it.

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