Monday, February 17, 2014

one year

It's been a year now (well exactly one year on the 14th but I won't quibble) since I started sharing projects here and I've been doing a lot of looking back on my work and life in general. I was working on something over the weekend (and will share soon) and I needed to use my pliers. When I went to grab my toolbox and I noticed how beat up it is looking these days, I started thinking about how long I've had it. Papa bought it for me at Ikea when I was first moving into the dorms when I was seventeen. He figured it's always good to have a hammer and screwdriver around. The toolkit was with me through all for years of University where it was utilized for many art projects, after which it moved with me to countless apartments where it assembled furniture and hung artwork. Every project in my current apartment has utilized these tools, from opening paint cans with a screwdriver to taking down blinds and installing curtains, to building furniture. I'm thinking it's time for me to invest in some bigger more grown up tools as my home improvement/DIY impulses don't seem to be going away, it's probably time for a cordless drill and I certainly wouldn't say no to a sander of some kind, but I know that this cracked and crooked box isn't going anywhere and that with it, I can make just about anything.

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