Tuesday, July 30, 2013

well it's a start...

So the painting of the kitchen.....
I lucked out and had some leftover white from my bedroom. This allowed me to avoid buying primer (makes my wallet very happy also yay! recycling) which I totally needed to use on this space seeing as it was such a dark color that I was planning to paint over. It took two coats of white to cover up the dark red. The room was already starting to look better. Much bigger and brighter. I had the windows open and lots of good eighties music to dance to.
You may notice there is a serious lack of blue tape in these progress shots. It turns out that taping off is a huge waste of time (at least for me) and seems to actually make the paint job look worse (in my opinion) at least on an old San Francisco apartment like this where I'm working with a lot of crazy and about 20 layers of various "paint" executed at a variety of skill levels. I have a fairly steady hand and I found that this, combined with a pricier angled trim brush, allowed me to cut in by hand and avoid taping all together. This also makes the setting up and the cleaning up processes a lot quicker. And painters tape is expensive. Win-win!!
It's definitely still just a beginning, there is a lot of things left to do in this space, but boy there really isn't anything to equal the transformative power of a good coat of fresh paint! 
Also this shade of yellow makes me think of corn, and butter and good cheese. 
And now I'm hungry

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