Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When technology stops working

When technology works, it can be fantastic. But when it stops working, well lets just say we (I'm using the royal we here) can be a bit lost, and unable to work without it. My phone finally kicked the bucket last week, right at the beginning of my holiday. Lets just say there was an incident with slippery sunscreen hands and a body of water and what with the screen already being cracked and missing glass in some places, no amount of rice absorption was going to bring that sucker back from the dead. RIP zombie phone. So I got a new phone and took a bunch of really awesome pictures of my weekend but somewhere in the syncing process they were zapped into cosmic wherever. Adios vacation photos. I've been doing epic digital battle with instagram to try to salvage at least the images I posted there, however, despite the fact that they are my photos, this has so far proven impossible. So in the meantime some things have fallen by the wayside. Which makes me a terrible person, blah blah, etc etc insert mumblings about technology and vacation and such. I will sort out my technological woes, and in the meantime, here are some funny pictures from the most amazing store I stumbled into on a meandering walk on my last lunch break. It's like a 99 cent store but everything is $1.50. And it's all amazing stuff. Lots of kooky cookware, fun colorful office supplies, and the most amazing dishes. I could come up with endless projects with supplies from this palace of wonder so stick around!

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