Monday, July 15, 2013

At my desk

Just a bunch of random over here. Spent most of the weekend either dressed up super fancy or catching up on some much needed sleep. I made several very tasty brunches, including possibly the most excellent pancakes I've ever concocted (they were still delicious and fluffy the next day) as well as getting to go to the local Roller Derby leagues double header night (not much better than bad ass girls on roller skates, especially when you add fresh tamales!) and generally enjoying a total lack of productivity. Sometimes it's nice to take a break.
Funnily, all that lazing around was so nice, that by midday on Sunday I was both antsy and motivated and I whipped up most of a new dress using a sweet red cotton with mini polka dots. I even improvised a new bodice design with shoulder ties. Very cute. Will take proper photos when it is 100% finished.

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