Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I have been dreaming of pinata's for a while now. Of course I dream of elaborate and beautiful pinatas more than the violent and destructive acts used to break them open to expose the goodies inside. I have always enjoyed the texture of the fringe and the fun shapes. So I decided to make a pinata purely for decoration.
When I picked up some large furniture at Ikea last weekend the box it came in it provided the perfect material for constructing a frame. I decided to make a heart shape to be simple and I also figured it would be a fun and easy decoration at the next party I throw. I cut out two hear shapes and enough long 4" wide strips to wrap around the front and back and I taped it all together. The fringe was created using this tutorial. I (of course) overbought crepe paper but such is life.
After doing the first side in solid white fringe I decided it would be fun to do the other in something a bit more colorful and fun. Since I had two shades of blue I decided on a fun ombre zigzag design. It was very tedious and ended up more than a bit lopsided but I think it makes for a cute alternative to the simple white.

Finally, I wanted to do something extra festive for the sides so I went with gold. I used this gold foil paper I have had sitting around for a while. I picked it up at a craft store because it was shiny, despite the fact that I had no plans for gold paper. I cut the foil into four inch by two inch pieces and then cut fringe into just one side. It made for a delightfully shiny mess on my desk and some very pretty confetti on the floor, my hands, in my hair, trailing behind me on my way to the bus in the morning.
There was a bit of delicate finagling at both the top and bottom of the heart to make the fringe meet in a tidy way but it was so darn shiny I wasn't too bothered.
And there you have it. For now I have it hanging above my headboard. It's a really satisfying texture but with the all white side facing out it doesn't feel too obtrusive. 

(I have to admit I'm strongly inclined to making another one that's ALL shiny gold foil-I'm such a magpie!!)

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