Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Palm Springs

I just got back from a long weekend in Palm Springs. I've never been there before but always heard great things and from the pictures it looked like such a beautiful place I have had it on my to-visit list for a while. My mom and I made a deal when I was seven, that we would meet for a trip the year I turned 30, so when we finally sat down to figure out where to go this past January, and both wanted to go somewhere warm with water and things and pretty shops and maybe a pool and some tropical drinks, we ended up deciding on Palm Springs.
We drove down from the bay area, and while it wasn't a short drive, it was very beautiful winding through the desert We saw a bunch of spectacular clouds and even got rained on. Twice!
The place we ended up staying at was found on Airbnb. It was a little condo on the edge of town. The neighborhood was quiet, it had a pool and bocce ball and a small kitchen and a big private patio out back. As Palm Springs isn't that big we actually found it very nice to be on the edge, since it was so easy to walk to the main street and anywhere we would like to go, and then retreat back to our little oasis when we wanted to hang by the pool.

The whole place was very color coordinated, everything was orange or hot pink and there was lots of mirrored furniture pieces. It made for a fun home for our vacation.

There was a lot of wandering around during our stay, checking out houses and poking around it shops. I found that most of the pictures I took were of succulents or doors. The light was just so nice that everything ended up looking pretty great.
We ate at several pretty delicious spots but we went to Cheeky's Sunday for a mother's day breakfast and that was by far the best meal of the whole trip. The fresh juices were perfect ( and I loved the little individual beakers they were served in) and in addition to the excellent pulled pork hash with avocado I also got a bacon flight (!!!!) for us to taste which was amazing.

(there was tons and tons of bougainvillea covering every wall and climbing most of the fences. I have never seen it in so many different shades of pink and purple. I have about a hundred similar pictures because I just loved every bit of it)

We also visited a few of the hotels, even though we weren't staying in any of them, the design was fantastic. The Parker in particular had the most amazing mix of furniture and some very lovely grounds to wander. I loved the little couches and hammocks tucked into nooks along the paths. It really added to the luxurious and relaxed feel of the place.

As I said all the food we had was pretty excellent, but I do feel like I should mention Great Shakes (I wanted to try every single milkshake on their menu and their five star yelp review is totally warranted) and Birba (right next door to Cheekys) where we got a super tasty dinner our last night in town. In fact the meal was so good (and the cocktails, I had something with grapefruit and bitters and st Germain and it was wonderfully refreshing) that I didn't take any pictures. I was too busy scarfing it all down! So I will just have to make due with this picture of the nifty marquee light "B" that they had outside.
Since there are so many of them I am still editing down all the photos of houses that I took on our bike tour so I will try to have those pulled together by tomorrow.

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