Thursday, May 21, 2015

creme brulee (first try)

I have loved creme brulee forever. When  I was in Paris I had some every day. I never really considered it as something I could make myself because I figured it was complicated and also the use of fire was intimidating. But I don't think intimidation should keep me from one of my favorite desserts, so I have decided to give it a shot.
This was my first attempt, just a basic vanilla custard, and I learned a lot from the experiment. The custard seemed to fall a bit on baking so next time I will fill the ramekins up to the very top and not worry about overflowing. I plan to try some more experimental flavors, like coconut, persimmon, maybe even lavender and it's very exciting that this is something to be made ahead of time and then brought out to be finished when it's time for dessert. Super convenient.
 Also that moment of cracking the burnt sugar crust is even more satisfying if you made it yourself.

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