Wednesday, May 6, 2015

message board (a validation of my craft hoarding)

I have trouble throwing things away. Even when they are broken, ruined, pretty much garbage I still always feel like the moment it is gone I will come up with something great to do with it. So I hang on to stuff. Case in point, last year my upstairs neighbors dropped something or were bowling or whatever they do, and a frame in the living room fell off it's hook and shattered on the ground. I carefully gathered all the broken glass and cleaned up, and I was able to rescue the artwork inside, but they I took the bare, glassless frame and set it aside. It's just an ikea frame but it's big and I kept feeling like I should do something with it. 
One day I was reading through all one million blogs I follow and I saw this project from A Beautiful Mess and pinned it because I love letter art, and something I can continuously change around?? Even better. Then I went home and saw this guy sitting in the corner by my desk and thought.... maybe I can tweak this idea a bit. 

I used balsa wood to build out some ledges within the frame, and then glued them on and spray painted the whole thing with numerous coats of high gloss navy spray paint. Then I cut down sheets of balsa and added some tall 3" sticker letters. I was planning initially to stain the wood letter pieces before adding the white letters, but I tested one out and really liked the way they looked like this so I thought I would keep it for a while. 

I've hung it up in the entry hallway and it's a fun place for leaving or arriving messages, silly motivational stuff, and I've got a little dish with more letter cards so it's really easy to change the message when I feel like it. Overall a simple and pretty customization project and a justification of my supply hoarding. I'll call it a win.

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