Wednesday, October 2, 2013

side table redo

My roommate was getting rid of this little one drawer table. Like most of his furniture, it is very dark (I suppose this is supposed to make it look more manly?) And it was going to go out on the curb (where all things magically disappear in about five minutes) but I held it back because I've often been burned by tossing stuff only to come up with awesome new uses for them once they are gone. So I put it in a corner of the living room where I would walk past it over and over again to see if I could come up with something.
And I did. 

I took it apart, cleaned it and gave it a few coats of white (used the semi gloss from all the trim painting I've been doing) and lined the drawer with polka dot paper with washi tape accents.
I looked around for a drawer pull  I liked, and while there were some interesting ones, I wasn't really feeling like spending $12 on one so I thought maybe I could paint of otherwise augment the current hardware to make it look like something like these Anthropologie So I removed it before the whole piece was painted and used nail polish (magic paint that dries super fast and goes easily over any material) and dimensional paint (puff paint).
And here it is in it's new home. I haven't really styled it up much short of adding a plant and my alarm clock (which I just spray painted blue last night to go with the tray also given a new coat of paint) and the stack of magazines that was previously sitting on the floor. I will see what else I can come up with, but for now I'm really excited to have a spacious drawer to throw all my mess into and somewhere to put my glasses at night other than the floor.

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