Friday, October 18, 2013

busy busy

Something about having only a four day work week makes it seem like time is just sliding by so fast. Which isn't bad but seeing as I've got some fast approaching deadlines it certainly made my week very busy.
I also had to finish all my Halloween preparation much earlier than expected as I'm debuting my costume at a party this Saturday (rather early in the month for a Halloween party but I like to get to wear it at out as much as possible and so I'm not going to pass up the opportunity.) I decided at the end of the summer that I would be Medusa this year and so I ordered a bunch of plastic snakes off of amazon and figured I'd make it work from there. I was struggling with how to make some sort of head piece with snakes that would be easy to apply and would also look awesome and I kept putting it off while finishing up all other aspects of  the look.

Then last night it just sort of happened. I made a wire circlet I fitted to my head, then I cut up an old wig and made a number of smaller braids which I sewed to the wire. This left me with a thin dust of plastic hair bits all over my desk and floor.
And finally I wove the snakes into the braids and through the hairpiece. The idea is to have a crown/hat type creation that I can just pin on my head as opposed to having to create the hairdo each time from scratch. I'll make sure to photograph the entire costume this weekend but I am very excited about how this is looking! 

I also made a snap decision on my walk home from the train Tuesday night to finish painting the kitchen. It's all trim and corners and annoying bits but I knew it would look so much fresher so before I even ate dinner I had prepped, taped and tarped the whole area (and warned my roommate too!) I also sanded and painted the veneer cabinet the skin is set into which has always been an eyesore in it's inexplicably missmatched state. I'm hoping that with just a few more tweaks I can make this space a more bright and cheerful, and also practical, space to work.
After all, winter is coming, and that means rolling out pie dough and assembling casseroles and I will be much more inclined to do all of that if it's easier to work in the space.

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