Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Color story

I grew up in a colorful home. When I was young I believed that when I had my own space it would by white and neutral like a pottery barn spread. I also thought I wanted to eat lucky charms and drink soda all day, but after a week of it when I first got to college I was calling my mother asking for a delivery of granola. So while it's not entirely surprising that my home ended up being much more colorful than I imagined, it is amusing.
Also I have discovered a pattern in my color-picking style. I have a thing for food names so perhaps painting makes me hungry? Seems like a funny thing to do but it also seems to be working just fine!
My bedroom is "Heavy Cream" (somehow the only picture I have of it is this one which is terrible-apologies)

and the closet is "Candy"

The kitchen is "Butter" bits of "American Cheese" accents

The living room is painted in "Black pepper"


and the hallway is a custom mix of "Tangello" and "Melon" which I suppose I should call "mengello"!

I'm thinking it's time to do some touch ups on the bathroom so I wonder what type of meal that color will end up being named after...

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