Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hallway before and after

So other than a teaser and some pictures of me mixing paints like a mad scientist I don't think there's been a lot about the apartments hallway. It's a bit dark and gloomy but it's got a big open doorway leading onto the living room so it's very visible from that space. I decided that while I was updating the trim in there it would be a good time to add a little color and maybe...something extra.
After mixing up the perfect melon-y orange hue I was envisioning, I decided that I wanted it to look like a subtle wallpapering in there and I looked down at my arrow print shirt and knew exactly what I should do!
So I made a set of three one inch by three inch hand cut stamps, and got to work. It looked something like this:
And when I was done with all the gold (over a series of four evenings and lots of listening to records and many dance breaks) it looked like this:
But I felt like something was missing, so I added just a few white arrows to the gold which I think added just enough dimension. My intention was to make the space almost glow, and have just a subtle texture that you saw from the right angle, and I feel like that worked out pretty well.

Of course now my arms are sore from all that high up or way low crouching on the floor stamping. Maybe next time I will pick a larger pattern.....

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