Tuesday, October 22, 2013

kitchen progress

You may recall the kitchen starting out something like this.


And I am happy to report that there has recently been a flurry of activity in this space motivated partially by a home depot sale and a desire to have a brighter and more functional space for the coming dark cold winter (in which I will be wanting to make a never ending series of casserole type dishes of course). The trim has been painted and while he was visiting earlier, the handy Papa (HP?) planed down the tops and sides of the cabinet doors so that they finally close properly.
I also decided that since the hardware cannot be changed (the screws have been painted over enough times that they have become fused to the knobs and are no longer removable) and I don't want to risk my health by stripping away all the lead paint, I picked up a sample pot of the yellow a few shades down from the wall color, and painted the fronts of all of the knobs to make them look new. I also added hardware to the freshly painted sink cabinet which makes it seem much more integrated into the surrounding hardware.
Taking it from this:

To this (admittedly blurry quick iPhone shot taken last night- but it gives an idea of the progress and hey it was really late at that point, and dark!)

Here's a close up. My intention is that the yellow will make the three different hardware style blend together a bit better. And in other news, my new kitchen work space arrived last night and my friend Kaitlin valiantly assisted in it's setup despite having a bit of a cold. It made a huge difference and seems like it will perform it's intended function (providing both work and storage space) admirably. 

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