Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Window seat recovered

The back window seat was one of my favorite parts of the apartment when I came to look at it. It seems like such and inviting place to sit and read or snack or nap or people watch. However the seat had been sitting in the window for many years and it was faded and the fabric was rather rough and needed an update.
I scored several yards of gray outdoor upholstery weight fabric at the Fabric Outlet and it was during the sale so it was an additional 40% off making it less than $20 for the entire piece. It was a fairly straightforward sewing project, only made difficult by the massive scale of the cushion, leading to some awkward wresting to get the cover on and off as I checked fit on the foam insert but it was in an evening. 

I find myself much more inclined to sit here now. Of course I'm sure the upgrade to the rest of the room helps and obviously the freshly painted trim and removed blinds helps make this spot appear much more bright and new looking as well.

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