Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A new bar cart!

I was able to McGyver a bar cart out of an old rolling drawer cart a while back and it served it's purpose faithfully. However, as I found myself making cocktails more and more and expanding my vintage barware collection a bit, the little makeshift cart became crowded and impractical. I felt the need for a larger space, less cramped storage for glasses and room to actually make cocktails on the top of the cart. I began looking for a suitable replacement. 
However it turns out new bar carts are extremely pricey and since they are experiencing a resurgence in popularity the old ones are few and far between. I began looking at other structures that could be made to work, various kitchen carts and wheeled islands. I found this one on Amazon and the reviews made it out to be very sturdy. I actually liked the industrial feel and figured I could find or make a wooden cutting board to use on the top as a work surface. I spoke to a friend who had it in a past kitchen who recommended it so I snatched it up.

It was pretty simple to assemble. The height of the shelves can be adjusted so I'm trying this configuration out now but I may tweak it later. I like having a place to hang the monogram tea towels my mom found on the side. I like that it doesn't feel so jam packed and I like that I have more space for more libations.

I do have to admit, seeing it all spread out like this, that I  may have a bit of an addiction to straws, skewers, swizzle sticks and umbrellas but then again, I like my drinks festive so that seems just right to me.

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