Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Somehow these photos have been languishing here in an unwritten post through several seasons now without me noticing. I posted some process pictures in the spring when I was working on designing a set of save-the-dates and wedding invitations for Heather and Josh and then, well, stuff happened, and I guess I forgot to post photos of the final project. Since it is almost wedding time, it seems there is no time like the present.
First the save-the-dates. Since they were open to whatever I came up with I suggested a white on black chalkboard style postcard. In the end this heart shaped tree was their favorite and I added the gold carved monogram on the back.
The bride was fairly loose with design, saying she wanted cream, gold and blush as her colors. At some point coral was mentioned as well. And possibly orange. As there was no distinct theme or concept she had in mind I struggled with what to present her with as far as options. Pinterest helped narrow things down and I drew out a few ideas, focusing on round hand drawn lettering and various wave designs. We picked gold lined cream envelopes and when the right color paper seemed impossible to find I hand painted cream paper with a sunset wash of pink, orange and blush. 

It was an interesting and personally challenging process. I learned a lot and came up with some interesting ways to solve the different problems that arose throughout the project. In the end the couple were happy with their invitations and that's what matters most. I hope they have a lovely wedding next month.

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