Monday, September 9, 2013

Chairs re-covered

When I was redoing the living room, much as I would love to go out and purchase all new furniture, that wasn't really in my budget. Therefore I was forced to do a lot of making due, including using existing furniture. My roommate had a great solid wood dining table and it had four matching chairs however the chairs looked as though they had seen better days. But after giving them a thorough scrub the wood frames looked just fine and it turned out it was only the old and unfortunately stained beige seats that needed a change. Luckily reupholstering seats is an easy beginner level project.
Unfortunately, for me at least, that beginner project involved removing a million old and rusty staples with a Flathead screwdriver and some pliers. I had to bribe myself with a milkshake just to get through it.
There was a whole lot of this littering my desk and quite a few on the floor as well. I made sure to do a thorough sweep to save my feet from some unfortunate accidents down the line. They already have to contend with stray sewing pins.

I used an orange twill for the new seat covers backed by canvas for strength. There are a lot of good tutorials out there but honestly all I did is lay the foam and seat back on my fabric and start attaching it, pulling it tight as I went. Then it was just a matter of screwing it back into the chair frame and voila! Such an improvement and so easy too.

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