Tuesday, September 3, 2013

and some things

The internet in my apartment went down on Friday and I decided that it was the universe telling me to relax, get off the computer and enjoy my birthday weekend.
I did a lot of sewing but also spent a bunch of time outside and in the consuming of delicious foods.
I made three new dresses in the last week to add to my collection, including the pink seersucker that I snapped a picture of on Friday. That one involved making many many yards of bias binding tape myself to match. It was tedious but provided a very satisfying end result.
I also did some baking to use the surplus of groceries in my fridge before I go out of town this week, including an epic batch of carrot cake frosting on which my friend Kaitlin and I went a little bit crazy with the sprinkles. I have a whole bunch of different ones and it's very fun to play around with them.
On my birthday, as it was a Sunday followed by a holiday Monday, it seemed only appropriate to indulge in a mammoth brunch and what's better than bottomless brunch! I may have had my own weight in bacon (the cheddar grits and fried plantains were also most excellent) which was followed up with bowling and a long scenic stroll home as the sun decided to come out and it was beautiful and I just didn't feel like sitting on a bus anymore. 
I spent some time thinking about the last year and what I have gotten done and what I want to work on next year and one thing I did that made me feel very accomplished was start sewing my own clothes, specifically my own dresses from patterns I created myself. I lined up all my dresses and snapped this picture and felt that I have been very productive (there was actually another dress finished after this photo was taken which brings my total up to a staggering nine!)
I look forward to all the adventures this next year brings (saturn return so it should be interesting) starting with a week of exploring New York with one of my favorite people (there will be tons of pictures I am sure) I will also throw some final after shots of the finished living room up here in the next few days as well.

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