Monday, September 23, 2013

Adventures in painting

I woke up this Saturday to pouring rain. After weeks of Indian summer this was a bit of a bummer but it did gel with my plans as I had been planning to paint the hallway so I wasn't too disappointed.
The hallway is very wide and has four doors in addition to a large open doorway onto the living room but it still managed to be dark and a bit dingy. I knew a fresh coat of white on the trim would brighten it up but I also wanted to do color and maybe some pattern as well. I couldn't seem to find the right orange I wanted so I scored a few free quarts and decided to mix the perfect color myself. 
Not to coral, not to neon, just right.
It was a bit shocking when the first few strokes went up on the wall but after two coats I am totally happy with it. Just the punch of color I was looking for.
 Now I just have to decide on a pattern. I've been scouring pinterest for ideas which isn't un-fun research.
I also tried out my new popsicle molds with a raspberry yogourt recipe that was super tasty. Not sure why I didn't have one of these earlier considering my prefernece for frozen treats but that's been remadied now.
And finally, as I plan to move my trunk from the living room into the hallway (plus a cushion so it can function as a seat to remove shoes all winter) I had to come up with something else for that corner. Luckily this piece was on the move from another corner of the apartment and I was able to appropriate it as it's the perfect spot for book and my newly repainted record player. Looking forward to listening to some tunes in this room.

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