Thursday, April 25, 2013

striped dress re-do

I've had this striped dress for a while. It's been lingering in the back of my closet for months and was about to make the jump to my "to donate" bag when I realized I hadn't worn it in months. However, I'm all for trying to bring new life to old things, and I love stripes, so I decided to try to make it into something I would wear.
The main problem was the dresses length. I am very tall and the dress ran a bit short, to the point where it was near scandalous even with tights. So I took a foot off the bottom and made it into a top. I even shortened the sleeves to a more appealing length.

Considering I've worn it twice in one week I a going to chalk this up as a win.

I was also able to turn the discarded skirt material into an infinity scarf which means that every bit of this old dress was used in some way which makes me pleased as punch!

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