Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Like a schoolboy

I've been mildly obsessed with schoolboy style blazers since the fall, there was just something about the crisp contrast piping and embroidered insignia's that spoke to me. After trying to find one in the color combo that I was visualizing and failing miserably  I was looking at pre-made binding tape (for an unrelated project) and suddenly thought that it would be the perfect material for recreating this affect myself. 
I scored this beige blazer at the thrift store. It fits well but is entirely unremarkable by itself.

It took several hours (or episodes of Mad Men if you prefer) to carefully measure and pin the tape to the jacket. The collar notches and rounded edges proved particularly challenging.  But after attempting once and having it turn out dis-satisfyingly crooked and not-quite-right, I ripped it all out and tried again, using what I had learned the first time around, and I feel that I was very successful.
I feel it turned out quite well. There are of course, imperfections that I am brutally aware of, but no one else seems to notice them and I did get several compliments and a few people who asked where I'd gotten a blazer this style in such a great color. I will take it as a success! (and throw in a gratuitous detail shot as well)

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