Thursday, March 21, 2013

Home Bar-update

Now that I've got my bar cart set up and stocked with glasses, libations and tools I should be good to go. However I felt like there was something missing, and that something was of course, decorations! No corner can be left un-embellished therefore this little bar nook needed something to spice it up.
I felt that, as it's a bar and will mostly be used in festive party situations, well festive decorations were definitely the way to go, and I've been wanting an excuse to make some tassels inspired by Confetti System so I could think of no more perfect time than this! 

I made a strand with a dozen over sized tassels in black, gray and gold and then hung them willy nilly so they sort of overlapped in the corner (I had to leave the intercom uncovered just in case anyone wants to come and visit). I added some framed bones on the other side (more on those later) and a huge thrift store tray I had painted with chalkboard paint to use as a menu of sorts.

Now that looks like a sweet home bar setup to me, so I guess all I need to do is have a party?!

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