Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Home Bar-update

Now that I've got a space set up for my home bar, the next step is of course to acquire some spirits to put in all the pretty glasses I've been collecting. I've read a variety of articles on the subject of stocking home bars and the conclusion I've come to is that it doesn't make sense to go out a buy every kind of liquor and mixer there is, unless you are having elaborate cocktail parties every evening, or are in fact running a bar out of your house. Rather it's best to start out with just a few things you know you like, and start slowly adding to those. For instance, I mostly prefer gin drinks so buying a big bottle of Bombay actually makes sense. I am starting a small collection of liquors (St Germain is pretty much the best thing ever), and am going to experiment with making flavored syrups and such for various cocktails, plus I've always got a bottle of vodka stocked in the freezer! I feel like this is a good place to start, now I just need tools and then it's time to start experimenting!

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