Monday, July 20, 2015

old couch and playing don't touch the floor

After two years of not being a fan of the couch in my living room (it's everything Emily Henderson says is bad in a couch, see here) which is too big for the living room, and far too beige and slipcover-y for me, it is on it's way out. I asked my roommate one day if he was attached to it and he said he doesn't think he's sat on it in years and that I was free to do what I would with it, and that night I started working on evicting it from the apartment. Unfortunately, due to some disappointing craigslist rudeness (someone was supposed to show up to take it away and then never did, nor did they bother to call and thus I was sitting at home for two hours on a beautiful day waiting) the old couch is still in the living room for a week, while the new couch has arrived, and therefore I am suffering from an abundance of couches. So I've been playing don't touch the floor (otherwise known as Lava) on my way to the kitchen, and the other day I set up my camera to take a bunch of pictures and capture my journey. This was the only one where I didn't look severely strange so I'm ok with sharing it here.
Next I am going to set up a fort or tent of some kind, again, capitalizing on the amount of surfaces and cushions that I have in the space. I am thinking that I might be able to rig some sort of walls and ceiling using the picture moldings and actually make a sort of 'room' in the front by the windowseat. We shall see how it turns out and I will be sure to document the final product of that as well. In the meantime, I am just really really excited that the couch is in it's last days in the apartment.

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