Monday, July 27, 2015

July party.... setting up

It looks like this months party is going to be right down to the wire again, but it's a good one, and there's lots of stuff to show and a few really fun projects. First though I just wanted to chat about how I come up with this stuff (since people tend to ask where ideas come from).
Sometimes I have a specific overall vision fully formed that I want to enact, but usually I have just snippets, or even better, nothing. Zilch, a big fat goose egg. In that case I have some methods that work well for me to jog my creativity. Obviously looking at visual inspiration is nice. I read a lot of blogs, look at books and pinterest. However, I'm very much a hands on person, so I've found I do best actually pulling stuff physically. In this case, for getting together a party setup if I'm feeling stumped, I started by looking at what I had in my house. I started in the kitchen cupboards with my yellow teapot and teacups. Then, since I have some sweet pink melamine tea accessories, I looked at what else I had that was pink or yellow and dragged it all out to the table to look at it. I laid it all up until it seemed like a good collection of things, enough to set a table with, and then I just stuck with that.
So picking through things I have to form a direction, and then using that as my inspiration for everything else. I stuck with these colors for the rest of the decorations which made decisions all the more easy, and just made sure everything else I created or added matched. For me this is the most effective way to create something when I have nothing,

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