Wednesday, July 22, 2015

a not-so-secret indoor fort

The evolution of my over-couched living room is continuing. The fort has been installed! It's been years since I made any sort of fort, and there is much debate as to whether this particular structure is a fort or a tent (the height and lightness of it seems to veer people towards tent, but I'm not too concerned as to it's categorization) but regardless, it's been so much fun to hang out it. I was thinking of how I would rig a fort in this space and I realized that I could string lines from one side to another using the picture moldings and that really opened so many new possibilities for me. I pulled out my stack of sheets (I tend to grab them at thrift stores when they have cool patterns to use as tablecloths or to cut up for fabric) and some big safety pins and got to work.
I rigged up a large wall along the back of the small sofa, as well as a partial wall across the bar to create more of a compact 'room' and then piled in all of the blankets and pillows and soft cozy things I could round up. 

Somehow the heart pinata made it's way in here. and the floor, couch and window seat were all covered in layers of blankets, just to make everything softer. However my favorite feature is the 'ceiling' a pretty white scalloped tablecloth which I then had the inspired (if I do say so myself) idea to layer some Christmas lights under). The lowering of the ceiling adds to the coziness, as does the lighting. I have definitely taken some very comfortable naps in here, and just founds myself sitting and enjoying some people watching with my tea.
And while it's not very easy to capture well in photographs, here is how it looks at night. Pretty much fulfilling a childhood dream here. My roommate laughed when he walked in, he really isn't surprised by any of my strange fancies anymore, and I think he's been enjoying the novelty as well. Eventually I will have to take it down, the old couch is on it's way out and the living room will have to return to normal at some point but for now I am all about the fort. Does 

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