Wednesday, April 1, 2015

side table refresh

Over time, everything in my home gets moved around and re-purposed. And I'm always looking for ways to use what I have. So when my roommate was going to be putting his old nightstand out on the curb almost two years ago, I took it and painted it white and gave it new hardware and it served as a good nightstand for me for a while.
But I was never too fond of it, the bamboo styling didn't really fit with my bedroom and it was at lot bigger than I needed, though having a drawer was excellent. So when I started the whole domino effect project of getting a new mattress> new bed frame> new rug etc it was time for this nightstand to go. And while it sat in the hallway for a week so I could ponder if it was time for it's long awaited trip to the curb, I thought, maybe I can use this somewhere else. And then I happened to be obsessively looking at Emily Henderson's bedrooms pinterest board for inspiration when I stumbled across a little green bamboo table. This one was more of a mini cabinet, with doors instead of a drawer and shelf, but I thought, it's just one can of spray paint, it can't hurt to try.
So off I went to the hardware store to pick up the brightest green they had in a gloss finish.
This is the table up on my roof mid paint job.
After it had finished drying (I took advantage of a spectacularly sunny day so it only took about 30 minutes but I left it up there longer so all the fumes could dissipate) I carried it back downstairs and tried it out next to the sofa. It fits perfectly tucked behind the arm, and while the drawer isn't easily accessible that doesn't bother me as I have nothing I need to store there, and the top is nice and wide so that I can have both a plant and space for peoples drinks or snacks or whatever they might need to set there. It's a fun bit of color and for just the cost of a single can of spray paint, it was a satisfyingly quick update so for now, I think I this little table can stay.

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