Wednesday, April 29, 2015

nightstands are difficult and bedroom update

I've been slowly but surely finishing up my bedroom since the great diy bed project of last month and one of the final things remaining was some sort of bedside table. I don't know why but bedside tables, or nightstands, seem to be a very difficult thing to manage. The height and scale need to be perfect, and they tend to be awful or crazy expensive so for a while I just had a stack of books there and called it a day. With lights mounted on the wall I don't have a need for a table with tons of space, mostly just a place to put my book, my glasses, maybe a glass of water. 

I was trying out this little side table that has been in my living room for years (seen here) for a bit and it seemed to be a good scale so I just updated the top a bit. I used my favorite marble contact paper and covered the top. It took maybe 15 minutes and from a distance it looks convincing, though really I don't need it to look like real marble, just to be light and not a huge draw to the eye, since I feel like the bed is the real star of the space.

And with that finished I was motivated to make my bed and take some quick pictures. I've added art and made some new pillows as well since and they are really helping to make the space feel more finished. The photo is a blueprint of a photo I got from my uncle of my mother when she was in the circus. I like how looking at the whole room I can see that a bunch of elephants have made their way in and then see the place from which my love of elephants comes from. The pillows are just a sweet little calico I have a bolt of, I actually liked how quite and washed out it looked on the wrong side so I made them inside out. 

I also moved the diy Moroccan wedding blanket (tutorial here) on the wall next to my bed. My roommate has been dogsitting a bunch and Ruby has been a  bit too interested in it so it was moved from the couch. Turns out I love the way it looks on the wall so for now that's where it's going to stay. Of course I can't say the space is done, when is anything every really done, but it certainly seems done for now, and I continue to be very happy to go to sleep and then wake up rested here each day. So it seems like it's working out pretty well.

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