Monday, April 6, 2015

easter brunch

I hope everyone had a truly wonderful spring weekend, whether there was any Easter celebrations or not. It was extra springy in my neck of the woods, swinging back and forth between sunshine and warm, to wind to showers and back again. I threw together a basic little Easter brunch get together in my house, mostly as an excuse to decorate with pretty spring colors and make a bunch of breakfast food (the best meal of the day in my opinion). 
I did a bit of prep and setup the night before, and then cooked and laid everything out in the morning. It turned out to be pretty easy, and other than a few unfortunate cooking related burns, it was a lovely little party. I set up my bar as a mimosa station with glass carafes of orange and grapefruit juice, and some ribbon garlands. I also layered up the window seat with fluffy throws and pillows as that's where everyone always ends up sitting.

For the food, I wanted to do things that I could prep, and then just put in the oven in the morning, without having to do a lot of day of cooking. The night before I set out silverware, plates, napkins and suck, and then spruced up the wall behind the table with some greenery and then a few strands of garland and some extra cute daisy ribbon that I found in my trims box. I added my bunny vase and a few potted plants because nothing says spring more to me than things that grow.

For the food I made two kinds of home fries (russet and sweet potato) an asparagus and goat cheese frittata and mini bourbon french toast with berries.

I am always happy to be able to pull out all my various pastel melamine dishes and this was a perfect opportunity for that, along with some shiny gold flatware. Over all it was a pretty easy setup and a pretty comfortable and fun party. I even managed to have some pretty good looking leftovers which made for an excellent breakfast today, much better for starting off my Monday than cold cereal. Here's to more spring, more sunshine, and more brunches with friends.

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