Thursday, April 23, 2015

April party details

Just a quick update about some of the little extras from the April party earlier this week.
First, I made up a quick invitation for the shower party, just a drawing of some umbrellas inspired by the tablecloth fabric, which I scanned and printed up on heavy cardstock and cut down to postcard size. I really like postcards in general (maybe cause I enjoy being nosy about mail) and as invitations it seems easier plus less cost towards stamps. Easy to just do a two sided print with info on the back or even just hand write out a simple what where when plus the address. 
Then there was the seed packet favors. I just sewed the packets out of basic construction paper and then fastened them with a clothespin. The seeds were a mix of wildflowers from the hardware store's nursery department which I mixed up and divided among the packets. 
And finally the umbrellas. I used this tutorial and then modified it by layering the blue circle on top of the white doily for some texture. I think if these were actually to go in drinks they might be a bit oversize but for table decorations they were pretty great, they could also easily be stuck in a cake for a cute topper.

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