Tuesday, March 10, 2015

very bright birthday party

March is the birthday month of one of my favorite people in the world. So in honor of that I threw together a little birthday party setup. Pretty much all of the parts here are paper or fabric that I already had on hand, and to branch out I let myself go a bit more wild with color. After all, it's a birthday so why not go extra bright and playful.
The table was set using a mix of dishes, white dinner plates, salad plates which I had previously hand painted with patterns and colored latte bowls. The tall glasses are vintage and the silverware (or "goldware" as it were) is from Target.

I tried this month to make the decorations multi functional so the place cards also serve as party favors and the the party hats ( made with this tutorial on Oh Happy Day) are also pretty decoration through the middle of the table. The background piece was just a wooden dowel that was hung with different materials. A few yards of navy pom pom trim, fringed crepe paper and ribbons. The great thing about this was how quick it was, took maybe a twenty minutes to assemble, and after it's used everything can be taken apart and recycled for some future use. 

Then for the cake, I stuck together a quick fringe banner with some sticker letters and some extra gold drink stirrers.

The budget for this party had only two items on it as I had everything else lying around. However, the paper and fabric projects would be very easy to source from thrift and dollar stores.

wooden dowel..................2.00
air plant x4......................12.00

All in all this went together really easily. I just stacked and moved around stuff for a bit and came up with a combination that I liked. And again I feel vindicated in my paper and fabric hoarding!

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