Monday, March 16, 2015

pi(e) day party

I took a little break form work this weekend to have a party for pi(e) day. In case you don't know pi or pie day is a holiday celebrated on March 14th (3.14 get it?) and this year it was called epic pi day by some as it was 3.1415, and I rarely need an excuse to bake so I made some pies and some pizza pies and had a party. It was a great opportunity to try out some new recipes (several from Smitten kitchen all of which turned out great, and a olive oil pie crust from the Tassahara bread book that was excellent as well) and clean and decorate my house, and then in the end I got to have leftovers to eat for the next few days.
I made apple pie, blueberry raspberry, key lime, banoffee ( this crazy British concoction with banana and toffee made with sweet condensed milk) coconut chocolate creme pie and a lemon blackberry custard. They were all pretty good though I think that the key lime was probably the overall winner as far as what went fastest.
I did some urban foraging the night before (otherwise known as wandering around my neighborhood snipping flower and greenery) which I tucked into an oversize paper wreath I had lying around, and made into several arrangements around the apartment. There was also a sangria station set up at the bar and a big pie day sign but I was more intent on eating pie than taking photographs unfortunately so I don't have much documentation of the night. I will try to come back with the modified recipes I used later this week, all of them were augmented to be gluten free, and most of them were dairy free as well. 

Oh and I updated my kitchen chalkboard to commemorate the occasion as well!

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