Monday, March 23, 2015

let there be light

Do you ever get a hankering to make something specific and you just have to make it right now? This happens to me frequently. I think it's partly to see if my idea will work, partly so I can try it before I forget the idea, partly just plain old impatience.
So I kept seeing this candle holder everywhere in house tours and on pinterest. And it is beautiful but also many many dollars out of my budget. But I had a lightbulb idea where I remembered something I had seen in the hardware store and thought maybe I could make one of my own. Obviously not as nice but worth a shot. So off to the hardware store I went and then it went a little bit like this:

The finished product is very cute, and I think it will be a fun little addition to my table setting next time I have people over. I did learn a lot though and think I could make it way better next time. And of course, since I think the bigger eight candle cube is even better, I figure I will be making another version soon. 

I feel I should note that yes, this is a blatant copy of something beautiful and fancy and wonderful. I would never sell something that's such an obvious, for lack of a better word, rip off, but for my own home, when my budget doesn't grant me access to the original, I think it's fun to make my own if possible. I think someone said something once about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, so I always hope that projects such as this can be seen as just that. 

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